mindful mondays, three

image by mary robinson.

10.13 am, I have just made myself a second cup of coffee. I used to dislike monday mornings. back then when I used to have real weekends, I would start dreading monday mornings on thursday the week before. monday mornings used to mean having to go back to school, having to wear the school uniform again. having to face all the people I never had much in common with. but things have changed a whole lot in the three years since graduation. I have created new routines in the meantime, abandoned them and then I tried to reestablish them again. I like the monday mornings now. they mean a fresh week, a new of week of to do lists and things to do. recently I’ve realized it’s easier living from monday to monday. with very short term goals and shorter lists of tasks.

but this week I would like to do more for myself –

+ reorganize my room; clean, declutter, sort. trash everything I don’t need or use or like anymore.

+ homemade hair and facial mask. I found a couple of good recipes. my eyes are puffy and with dark circles; my hair dry and sad. I constantly look tired and it shows. this needs to stop.

+ finish my 23 before 23 list.

+ complete photography portfolio and enable it online. it makes me so happy to be part of the cargo collective!

+ call grandparents, reply to emails from friends and family, mail the handwritten letter I have ready for almost a week now.

+ oh, and fibre de verre is a beautiful song to go with my morning coffee.

and so on. today is the warmest day of this year so far, with beautiful 27 degrees. it would be the perfect beach weather, if I didn’t have to be at work.

April 15, 2013