mindful mondays, twelve

Create adventures for yourself.

create adventures for yourself. I am trying, I am trying.

I’m not writing. I mean. at all. I started a new piece for a magazine at the beginning of the week, but then I left it to rot away on the hard disc. an old story about hong kong. I got tired of it before I even started. demotivated, uninspired. I started writing weekly letters to nothing and no one in particular. very productive. I started compiling another inspiration post, but nothing came of it. after three links and images, I realized none of it is my reality. only what I wanted it to be. last week’s mindful mondays evaporated into nothingness.

I turned my sleeping schedule upside down. well, we both did, father and I. never asleep before four in the morning, never awake before mid-day. at first, I liked it, but now it’s starting to wear me off. even though I feel better at night. during the day it’s just fatigue and strange nausea, boredom. there’s nothing worse than central area on a sunday. welcome to hong kong. starting from today I will have the apartment to myself for a whole week. when I think about it, I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of years now. (I had deleted the czech archives a while ago, and I am missing the piece I wanted to link back to. unfortunately.) it feels good to be alone. but I won’t be. nothing revolutionary really. just home cooked food and watching our favorite movie on the sofa. it’s all we really want.

simplicity and nothing else.

June 17, 2013