mindful mondays, twenty-nine


a couple of things from last week –

mid-week breakfast with the pilot; pancakes with strawberries and bananas. coffee with milk & honey. my version of perfection. pleasantries and serious conversations. blurred lines of boundaries, but somehow, it was okay. he was a friend of a friend, who is now closer than the original friend. and the story of how we met, it’s one of those that I will repeat over and over again. life works out like that sometimes. first and last visit to the hong kong zoo of the last eight years. thanks, but no, thanks.

I spent an unusual amount of time hanging around in elgin street. a chilled bottle of apple cider at the irish pub downstairs; iced coffee at bouchon at four o’clock in the afternoon. just as the nutrition boost began to wear off and the day neared its end. it’s during the transition from afternoon into evening when people change the most. I felt heavier as nostalgia combined with a strange sense of homesickness gripped around my chest. I realized it wasn’t so much about what could have been, but what was going to be. I was so sure.

life lessons and other concepts. some people change us more than others, some never really leave us. even if they are not there anymore. and for a long time, too. hong kong readies itself for seasonal holidays and greetings; I am determined to let it all pass me by. it’s almost if I own an innate ignore button somewhere in the depths of my brain. I am looking up flights as I always do. a new idea popped up on thursday, at an inappropriate hour of the morning, and I ain’t letting it go.

no, not again.

October 14, 2013