mindful mondays, twenty-one


august 19: the world humanitarian day

I have nothing mindful to write today. my head feels empty, my heart is drained. I am completely demotivated by everything and everyone around me. I live in a world that values absolutely nothing and cares about the most irrelevant fucking things on this planet. so I am becoming like everyone else. but this will come to an end. immediately.

I wish for a pure, creative life. one with intelligent people; with creatives and intellectuals. a life filled with books and writings, with the ocean and the sand. with small children and dogs that will make your day bright and cheerful. with people who are not envious and deliberately mean. I wish for a thoughtful life. I wish for a life filled with tasty meals and healthy choices. I want to smell the air and breathe in the freshness of it every morning when I wake up. I want to feel like this song every time I listen to it. because right now, it’s not there. I remember a time when listening to it made sense, a time when I could actually feel it. and it wasn’t about the weather outside or the length of the lunch line. it wasn’t about any of these things that I seem to care about today. I finally realized that a dream job, or a dream life doesn’t exist. I have to create it.

and I am going to create it. perhaps not overnight, but I am starting today. with the smallest things.

today is also the world humanitarian day. I haven’t been able to do much except contribute and further encourage the sport of consumerism, which is exactly what I don’t want to be doing with my life. I am tired of that somebody who isn’t doing something about something. one day I will do something about something that somebody else isn’t doing. tonight I have nothing else to share except this.

I hope you will spread the word for a better world.

August 19, 2013