mindful mondays, twenty-seven

four things this week.

one. with mama sanja being gone and back in bosnia for a few weeks; father and I are indulging in a rather loose bachelor lifestyle. drinks and smokes on the balcony, takeout dinners and watching breaking bad back to back. that is, if I am at home at all. I seem to be unable to return any time before three am. sleep when you’re dead. okay. we take turns in going out or we go out together. but it’s always worth it.

two. speaking of three am, it is the best time to sit around star ferry, listen to music loud on speakers, enjoy the cooler weather and breeze, and laugh. we always laugh. there’s no one else around and all sounds are reflected in a beautiful echo in darkness and vastness of the space around us. we’ve been doing this quite often lately, preferring a bottle of juice or chocolate milkshake to drunkness of central area. it’s nice and quiet and simple. it’s what I need more of.

three. I have come up with a project for october. it’s a daily thing and it keeps me busy. I haven’t decided yet whether I will share it with anyone. but I like it. it makes me learn and pushes me outside of my boundaries, and it gets my creative juices flowing. something to do with the online dictionary, the word of the day and a word-count limit of five to nine hundred. you get the idea.

four. I am trying to take care of myself more. facial masks, body scrubs, morning smoothies, and longer and more frequent walks. I wish I knew how to organize my time better. I have been completely neglecting myself. recently someone I met, who is double my age, looked so beautiful and healthy and I asked him, how do you do that? your skin is incredible. and he said, it’s because I live well. it made me quiet and it made reconsider everything. I don’t want to get to my forties and fifties and look anything short of amazing at that age. honestly. it’s scarier than it seems when you really think about it.

September 30, 2013