missing new york city

to love; to inspire

handwritten letters, books that made me forget the world around me, Finding Forrester, traveling by train, typewriters, home made sushi, autumn-colored leaves, sunrises and sunsets, poems and letters of John Keats, chinatown in new york city, new york city in general.

midnight stars, music of Seattle, old-school telephones, vinyls, film posters from the 30s, the history of the Italian mafia, scandinavian cinematography, a darkroom instead of a bathroom in my own apartment, Golden Chicken, vanilla cameral tea with milk, The Lion King, travel.

african continent, candles, smiling faces, “the opposite of disappearing”, Ikea stores, Audrey Hepburn in an open air cinema, hot summer nights, Russian ballet, coco channel, pearls and little black dresses, a perfect 1 1/2 shot skimmed milk latte, shoulder blades and collarbones, soft chocolate skin, french cigarettes.

the Godfather trilogy, the boy sleeping next to me, discovering notes in margins of a book, the ocean, piano in a large empty room, French doors, American history, books of letters, chopsticks and Chinese tea sets, lamps that create soft light, Mark Rothko paintings, White Oleander, Hong Kong cafe, a biography of John Lennon and then some.

London phone booths and taxis, 5th avenue at 5 am, wanderlust, writing lists, Arabian calligraphy, Cuba, airports, Thailand & Laos, polka dots and stripes.

January 26, 2012