november 2

three days of hustle, moving around, dealing with the diplomatic bureaucracy and business meetings. chinese immigration, visas and travel shampoo packs. endless cups of real turkish coffee, cevapi, spinach cheese pita, kebabs and mixed green salads with tons of feta. the weather was clear and sunny, but it was cold. meetings and meetings. late returns to the hotel, the smell of tobacco settled deep in our clothes, causing nausea in the morning. beijing is a wide city of boulevards divided between poor and rich neighborhoods. we spent some time on the train, in the taxi. riksa drivers were all over us, but we preferred to walk. apart from being the capital city, beijing is just like any other city in china; broad, dirty, globalized. I was glad to be on the way back home, although I miss mandarin chinese now. airports don’t excite me anymore.

hong kong.
the long awaited change in the air; twenty five degrees minus the humidity. it’s time for cardigans and scarves. earlier evenings as the sun sets, drowning the harbor in deep orange and red colors. it resembles the japanese flag. circular, rich. and then it disappears. winter sunsets are my favorite. having spent the last two days at home; I’ve had a chance to witness the most beautiful sunsets of red, orange and pink. in a way they fascinate me. I am nurturing a cold, watching downton abbey, swooning over the british accent and the way of life back then. I am glad the cold season is back. it is our season. just a few weeks ago we were saying goodbye to summer. but now I can already feel christmas in the air. I wish I lived somewhere else.

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