november 20

currently I am at filmmaker’s apartment. I passed out earlier on his sofa whilst he listened to morcheeba. a twenty minute power nap that has now awakened me to such extent I actually feel the urge to write. the apartment is growing darker; the only sounds being the buzzing of the city and the radio dept. lowered to minimum on small speakers. filmmaker is asleep in his room. for the first time in a while I have a little bit of time to myself. just me and the glowing computer. it feels inappropriate that this is how I make my great comeback to this little space of mine but then I have to wonder why have I created standards to go by in the first place. the point is just to write. they always say that. in order to write, you first must write. it seems like such an obvious advice that it becomes useless. but the crucial part to writing is actually the hardest one. at least I feel at peace now that my fingers are moving across the keyboard on their own. and it isn’t even my keyboard. I am beginning to question a lot of those other advices I was given in the past.

today marks two weeks that I’ve been back in hong kong. less importantly, it’s also exactly a year since I’d finished my last exam and then never went back to school. winter is drawing closer in this part of the world but sometimes it feels as if we are just pretending. maybe so. I am slowly descending into a daily routine but I am finding it demanding – in terms of sleep and time management for other things. I loathe that term to begin with. I am not even going to attempt to make this a whole rounded piece of writing because at the moment I am just glad that I am writing. just writing. like I used to. like I need to.

it’s good to be back.

ps. if you’re reading this, please get a better mouse.

November 20, 2011