october, v.

6.43 am.

I am still feeling the bits that remained from last night. I crumple the business card in my coat pocket. My intuition tells me that wasn’t the last encounter. I trust it.

The tram driver slammed the door in my face. I wonder what the rest of his day is going to be like. I felt the soft sunset slowly coming on. It takes much longer in winter. And then. Black Panther soundtrack. Still.

I still think of them. I wonder what they’d think of the movie. I wonder who they’d be. Who they’d become.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t have told him anything. I know I shouldn’t have but it’s too late now. It’s out there.

Pribináček je všechno co jsem dneska potřebovala a taky mi ho koupil.

How I know it’s winter: 7.11 pm and it is dark. 7.11 pm and I’m already in bed.

“Great meatballs, Frank.”

In reality, I am just counting off the days until I’ll be on the plane again.