one eight four

my first day at work went well. i turned up at three o’clock in the afternoon because there was no need for me to come sooner. same thing tomorrow. i went to a starbucks, read couple of pages of the story of psychology, wrote down some notes. passages i considered to be relevant to me.

i actually like this schedule. i get to sleep in, i get to waste couple of hours before i have to leave. it allows me to fully wake up, read, write, check the news and perform my other daily rituals. then i can have a long shower, wash my hair, dress slowly, leave the house, go to a starbucks, read, write, drink coffee for half an hour. after i arrive at the office, work for five to six hours without stopping. it’s dark out when i leave. i go to a starbucks for another coffee. i write read drink black coffee. i get home. i write some more. i think of tomorrow and things i will do. i would like to finish the presentation i started working on today. i like the job. it’s easy but it keeps my mind occupied. i only think about what i am doing. i really enjoyed doing the analysis of cargo shipments in the last ten months. i’ve got more to do tomorrow. this new routine is so much better.

i’m getting myself a part time job.