pretty little one that I adore

with the change of season also came a change in our apartment. we bought a new sofa, threw out the old one. i deleted old files on my disc, i put away some old writings. soon i will need a special box just for my notes and notebooks. there will also be another box just for the white hat, chestnuts and beer mat. and of course my namecard: outsider 2. i like to have these things. sometimes they express more words than i would ever be able to write.

it’s been a while i know. i’m almost back to my old rythm in writing. i write every single day, at least two hours. i love to sit in a starbucks on nathan road, take out one of my moleskines and simply write for about 45 minutes, then finish my coffee and go for a walk. i’ve been doing this every day since i came back. hong kong is not as hot anymore. the most beautiful period of the year has arrived, which also means that summer is officially over now. i cannot tell you how glad i am.

i’m still not sleeping well. i always have to wait until i am dead tired, before i can even go to bed. then it takes me another hour to fall asleep. which is usually around three, four o’clock in the morning. i
regularly get up at six thirty. if i don’t, i feel even more tired. i know the structure of my walls perfectly. they seem to be whiter at night.