Proverbial Return


Coco Espresso, Sheung Wan.

Summer has broken into the city.

First, there were only hints. A two-day heat wave or afternoon torrential rain. Then, halfway through May, overnight, summer took over entirely. But this one, this one will be unlike the other nine.

Out of sheer aversion for the status-quo, I am turning into a firm decision-maker. Or close to it.

I dismantled my life and it felt good. First we gave up the flat on Shanghai Street. We’ve sold almost all our belongings and still have more left to trade. My parents have vacated their flat for the summer, which immediately became the perfect opportunity for us to house-sit.

Then I resigned from my job. It took me two months out of five to make the decision. Second failed attempt at finding my passion when it fact it’s not what we need. My self-esteem plummeted, but then I remembered that I was returning home.

At night, just before I fall asleep, I feel relieved. It is such a pleasant and unfamiliar feeling that I am actually happy.

They lied.

Laughter isn’t the best medicine. The best medicine is moving forward.

May 17, 2015