quatre cens coups

I have no words. but it’s been a great couple of days. I didn’t feel like staying at home on friday night, so I packed up a few things and went to my best friend’s place. her family stays in shenzhen for most of the week so she’s usually just living by herself. we stayed home, ate noodles, watched lion king and ate too much chocolate. and then we went out to shatin, ate amazing vietnamese soups with lots of chili. it was the same restaurant as the one I had been to in vietnam last year. it brought back memories. the good ones and the bad ones. we sat in a park, under the stars, with drinks and recited an entire scene from the lion king, because we are timon and pumba. I want to remember last night for many, many years.

and today, I waited for you at the station for half an hour. I didn’t mind really. it was just the not knowing why you weren’t there that was driving me insane. at the same time I was kind of proud you were late. does that even make sense. the rest of the afternoon made up for all the bad that has gone through my mind in the last three or four days, perhaps even weeks. the sun was incredible this afternoon. just like the japanese flag. I made myself a cup of coffee, but never finished it, because we went back inside. I could write a book about our afternoons.

but I ended up going out, a friend of ours from czech republic came for visit. roadside bar. I haven’t been there for a while but then I got bored and went to see the band. they were simply amazing. except I need new things. I need to dig out those cds I was listening to when growing up. it’s something completely else. I walked home alone on the empty street. always the same scenario, but I enjoy it.

October 23, 2010