february feels like such a cheating month. it comes too fast after january and it ends even faster. daily routine of life on full track. to work and from work. daily commute, in the morning the trains are packed with showered, grumpy population. if you’re lucky. in the evening, there is a general relief. but I stopped looking at the world in such a generalized perspective. I enjoy my work most days, even on the bad days it’s still good. I spend time browsing the ikea catalogue and planning, measuring the walls and the space between them. coming up with my own version of harmony. the boy surprised me last night when he come home with a bag full of chocolate donuts filled with melted chocolate. hey, look what I found, he said. it really was a discovery so to speak, because good bakeries are rare in hong kong (especially when it’s past midnight) and this batch came from a convenience store.

so we ate the donuts for dinner and finished off with a bottle of berry flavored yogurt. we have these new traditions and little things that we do every day and they make me happy. it makes me happy to wake up to him in the morning, see him sleeping with my childhood dog, which I’ve had for the last twenty-one years. there is a bird across the street in the park and we hear it every morning, in fact, it keeps me company as I make myself the first cup of coffee and stare at the empty floor. one of the things I hadn’t originally thought about was how different life would be on a third floor as opposed to the twenty-eighth of my old home. I can hear the birds and the buses, the people and pets. only the nightly fruit market is too far away now and the sound of cardboard boxes being handled and dropped is no longer the backdrop of my dreams.

February 28, 2014