sarma, kruh, rakija, laku noc

this reminds of a street in my hometown. it reminds of strange parking lots, old photographs and me standing in the middle of nowhere. is the word choice right? i don’t know. it’s noon. lunch time. something. i just woke up. i’m drinking a huge cup of tea, listening to incognito and trying to enjoy this saturday. but i don’t know. it’s not really happy outside. white. clouds. rain? please. but rain never comes when you need it. i’m wishing i had a good camera. to capture all this.

yesterday i walked all over hong kong. kowloon side, hong kong island. soho, central, wanchai. i visited at least ten different galleries, five different bookshops, two cd shops, a starbucks, got myself a hong kong magazine for free, helped some people with directions and rode a ferry to one side to another twice. i wrote a little, i solved two sudokus while walking and i was missing my ipod because there were too many moments yesterday that just needed my music.

later in the evening i met my father at maria’s, had something small to eat, two drinks and we went home. my cherie amour has officially lost its significance and importance. i wanted to say magic, but what is that, really? no little private conversations anymore.