saturday morning

the second bus home/unknown.

I like these two photographs together.

an unusually quiet friday night. I slept a lot, almost fourteen hours. I woke up only once during the night. having a second cup of coffee now. and a simple lunch. carrots with yogurt with pieces of a bread. it is too hot to cook or to go outside, although I would like to go for a long walk later today.

I haven’t any plans. lots of reading and films I would like to catch up on this weekend. filmmaker is out of town for the day, the guitarist sleeping. probably. searching for my own entertainment. sometimes I miss the days which I used to spend all alone. it is not easy but it is very simple.

I still haven’t gotten around to processing my photos from this month, I am not really happy with most of them, so for now:

these things.

this series of photographs
and this one
this wednesday
and this one
this photography project
this film
this video
this drink
this coffee
this song
this album
and this one
this boy
and this girl

the boy and the girl are traveling in europe right now but I am hoping they’ll stop by in hong kong on their way home.

I am obsessing over hair buns (I am still searching for my perfect one). I will be posting some of my favorite shots a little later.

if you have any recommendations, anything you think I might like don’t be shy and send me an email. I like emails, they make me happy.

have a nice saturday.