scattered thoughts about writing

I am sick of the so-called poetry prose; with soft words and carefully written sentences, describing and describing. covering the reality in a light-pink haze; romanticism, the age of marie antoinette, glasses of expensive champagne, paris, macaroons and cupcakes with thick icing, and white bedsheets. no. it needs to stop. all of that needs to stop. I started getting anxious that I am becoming like one of them even though I just really want to write like the beat generation. nothing nice, just reality with lots of substance abuse. I need writers who write so hard it hits you in the face. writers who are not afraid. that’s what I should be like. writers who to say fuck a lot and who are not afraid of naked bodies.

from a random draft folder. I was obviously angry at the lack of my own writing that day.

March 13, 2013