sentimental and symbolic

first day of september has always been significant but the reasons have changed over the years. september the first is my personal new year; a new beginning. for me the year is officially at its end now. days are going to speed up, everything is going to be faster. some parts the world will get colder, others hotter. new different seasons, changes. while I was still at school summer was usually a quiet period for me and then september would serve as sort of a comeback. life would speed up but I would become less annoyed and scattered and I would find time to write.

this year everything is different. I am writing this in croatia, in my home, on the top terrace. overlooking the sea, this beautiful bay, which has changed very little in last twenty years except it has become cluttered as various developments have emerged all over the hills. sun is slowly descending into sunset; the sea reminds me with its stillness of olive oil on a pan. sounds of boat motors roar somewhere in the distance, dogs bark from different houses speaking to each other, everything glows in orange and pink. I cannot get enough of this view. not even after so many years but so little.

and this september I am twenty years old, I am finally seriously working on my novel that might never be, I have had a few little articles published and apart from the insane seven months I have just spent in hong kong, I have already been on the road for a month by myself. this time of my life is one of those that will enrich me, make me a better person, just like every other time I have traveled somewhere. I am visiting my homes but nothing gives one a better inner focus than traveling alone. I am grateful for this time of the year. and the iced coffee next to me.