september, ii.

Sunday; last day at home. I slept in between snacks and swims. The sky has been swollen with rain since yesterday.

Homemade burek. Homemade plum cakes. Homemade everything.

We biked to the open sea. The wind was strong but the sea was warmer than the air.

I keep diving in and out. Pausing before I come up for air just to look around me. Even my heartbeat with the sea. The massive deep blue around me. The sheer vastness of it.

Quiet before the summer storm.

Coffee, Campari, Karlovačko, bijela bevanda.

I returned home barefoot.

The hardest goodbye. Then the feeling of being depleted.

I suddenly missed him so much I felt like my chest was going to collapse. Just feeling the weight of his body next to me.

I think I won’t make the same mistakes anymore. The past three years have been mostly about that.