september, iii.

In a new office for the second time this summer. It has all the daylight I need to exist and everything is immediately easier.

Autumn has broken in the city. It’s much easier to move around now.

I borrowed a Pocketbook from my local library and I think that settles it for now. [nope, I gave up within twenty minutes on it]

I have so many plans but tonight I will only sleep.

I’m still coming to terms with the non-responsiveness. How did I not see that one coming?

In fact, what was I thinking? Are a few sentences all that it takes?

I picked up two bottles of Plavac at the airport this morning. A little gesture from myself to myself.

Thirty-seven days. Nine days.

I need to devote more time to reading in Czech. One of the reasons I moved back was to not let the language slip away from me. But that’s exactly what’s happening.

I am the last person in the office but the sun is on my face and I don’t mind. Welcome back to Prague. Welcome back.