september is her favorite

end of summer, end of september. but everything else just begins.

almost a full month in croatia. one thing I noticed almost immediately; how easy it is to get distracted. by nothing. I keep my journal close but it keeps getting filled with single words, phrases, lists. things I notice around me, things I want to remember. memories. there is no time for paragraphs or full sentences. I take photographs every day which is a little like a substitute of words.

my childhood friends from italy visited our little town; we spent some time reminiscing, remembering. our childhood is unique; this little town brings us all together, brings us all back no matter how much time has passed in between. and the last time I saw her was seven or eight years ago. but we still feel like kids every time we come here. isn’t that the definition of home? a place where you always feel like a child? home is time that needs to be remembered. I used to think it’s gone but I was wrong.

dinner in trogir: seafood plate, grilled fish, shrimp, octopus salad, calamari, bowls of spinach and potatoes, white wine. moze pola litre. daily coffees at starac, afternoons naps. swimming. lonely walks; I paid another visit to the open sea. it had rained hours before that. grey sky, chill air and stillness. indescribable calmness after storm. I made friends with a little dog on the way home; he followed me for an hour all the way to my front door. pancakes for dinner with a bottle of milk. I took out warm fluffy blankets last night and hid in the pile. the church bell singing every hour, mosquitos dancing in the air. it’s dark at seven now.

occasional outbursts of sarcasm from filmmaker; another message from someone I haven’t expected. it made me shut down my computer and go for a two hour walk, trying not to think too much. guitar tunes coming from one of the yachts parked in the bay; an amateur version of eric clapton’s unplugged. layla. I remembered the concert and it felt like a life of somebody else. it all feels like a life of someone I don’t know anymore. only because I am here.

September 21, 2011