september, iv.

Awake at 5 am.

First morning back in Prague: gloomy, chilly.

The fact that I woke up too early on the very first morning revealed everything I needed to know.

I spilled water all over the floor. Then the coffee overflew all over the stove.

I spent most of the working hours reading. I didn’t do any of the other work.

On the way home, heavy rain fell. By the time I stepped off the tram, it stopped.

Some love to my flat. Some love to me.

All the things that I looked at tonight. All the stuff that I have done. I wouldn’t know how to describe the universe inside my mind.

Unusually quiet. Tonight is the night when I realized work is easier without music. This is as groundbreaking as realizing that I do not have to drink coffee in the morning.

One more. Then I’ll sleep. 11.22 pm. I feel accomplished. Even though I haven’t finished any of the things I wanted to finish. It’s just not how it works.