september, vii.

With autumn, I’ve returned to a seasonal hobby of mine, which is mixing different teas together and experimenting with flavor combinations. It’s mint and dark cherry for now.

I am still reading A Passage To India. I am definitely going to continue with the author’s other works.

The weather agrees with me. It’s not too hot, not too cold yet either.

Friday night at Blatouch. It is a thing with us now. One day I will introduce them and it will make me happy that they’ll have me in common.

Being okay with the space I occupy is sometimes a little harder than it should be.

A little bout of panic when I realize that it’s September already. I need to start writing. Carrying it around in my head is not how it works.

The entire Zuckerman Bound trilogy for £2.34. Prague is a book lover’s paradise. Paradoxically, they didn’t have the Prague Orgy in the same edition. Eventually, I switched to the original version. I have to stop reading translated works and read Czech authors instead.

Bukowski’s again. But it’s not the same when you meet a literature student. It’s a different bar conversation.

Tchaikovsky’s Street is my street and every once in a while I find myself thinking that it would seem improbable that I should live anywhere else.

It’s no longer summer. I’m slowly preparing myself. Bracing myself.