september, xxiii.

She was wearing a t-shirt that said ZOMRI. He said that Malmö counts as Sweden as opposed to being it part of Denmark.

“He looks like an actor. A theater actor.”
“I like that.”
“You like that idea?”

Frida Kahlo sleeve tattoo from the girl.

When I asked him how are you? he gave me a look that revealed that I was the first and the only person who asked him that day. I wondered when was the last time someone hugged him; properly and with the most sincere intention. Just so that he can hold on a little longer. One of those hugs.

Hong Kong keeps returning to me in the strangest of ways. The red vans, Mong Kong’s Sneaker Street, the cinema of Hong Kong, Jackie Chan. We kept talking for about two hours.

Bořivojova doesn’t judge me. Unlike Hart Avenue.