she knew why the caged birds sing

20140530 - maya angelou
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with maya angelou’s passing away on may twenty-eighth, I have been revisiting my favorites of her enormous scope of work. it happens quite often with me that I only become interested in an artist’s work after they’ve passed away. this happened with michael jackson, nelson mandela, chinua achebe, seamus heaney, david frost; just to name a few that are I personally relevant to me.

and now with maya’s death, again, I find myself researching, reading and regretting that I had not paid more attention while she was still alive. I am familiar with many of her poems, but I have not read any of her autobiographies, which is naturally the first thing I will attempt to do in the coming months. embarrassingly enough, some of my favorites quotes over the years, I had never realized they were hers until now.

I will improve and continue to learn. she has been an influence, an inspiration and she will continue to be one until the end of my days. if my life could be half as accomplished as hers, I would be proud of myself.

rest in peace, maya angelou. thank you for your words.

May 30, 2014