she likes sunny, snowless december afternoons

seeing you today was strange. you seemed surprised to see me walking down the stairs, happy even. and me? I don’t know. I haven’t seen your face for more than two weeks and in my mind, you’re somebody completely else. not the person I was in love with it. so, seeing you walk to the library with the other her was more like seeing somebody I don’t even know. completely irrelevant to me.

it’s strange. because you used to mean the whole world to me. but I decided not think about it. as soon as I walked away it was like nothing even happened. but of course, I couldn’t help noticing the difference. it’s just funny how things change. that’s all.

but I’m always gonna wanna to blow your mind.

I’ve been listening to a lot of pink floyd in the last few days, mainly because the no name guy mentioned them and asked why aren’t they on my iPod, but mostly because he has been trying to get me to listen to them since I was about ten and I never wanted to. which of course, was a mistake. I’ve always had all of their albums, but never wanted to listen to them, just because I am stubborn like that. and now, shine on your crazy diamond is all I need to hear in the morning to be fully awake. and this letter is exactly how I feel.