she told me her name was billie jean

today is warm. the sun has finally come out after many weeks of hiding behind the grey skye and pollution that were a constant over the last two weeks. I stayed at home; I’m making a cup of coffee and I have two boxes of perfect, large strawberries. I’m catching up on all of my emails, everything that I was meant to have finished weeks ago. I cannot explain my inability to finish things on time. catching up on my writing, I have all of february to reflect onto.

I have moved a bit further with my book. I am a little bit closer to finding a perfect technique to intervene the layers. at the moment the book is composed of pieces and parts each at a different stage and moment of the story. when it’s finished, it will be resemble a mosaic.

a few things, which have inspired me today:

+ billie jean by Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme; one of the most beautiful cover versions I have listened to so far. mama always told me be careful who you love.

+ the above photographs by stefany alves. I admire photographs are able to make ordinary objects from the daily life appear interesting or even different. I’m interested in placing ordinary things in different contexts than what we are used to.

+ Si le vin te gène dans ton travail, supprime le travail. enough said.

+ thxthxthx is such an awesome idea. I have already started writing mine.

+ recently I started listening to adele. I recommend both her albums, 19 and 21. beautiful, perfect writing music, or just to go with dinner and a glass of wine.

+ I’m loving this 2011 calendar by irene nam. free download.

I have a few more things on my mind, I’ll be back later. I feel I am starting to get a cold, a sore throat and all of that. nap time.

February 25, 2011