she’s always inspired by something

isn’t that what you said to me last night? well here I am again. small pleasures of life, as I like to call it.

+ something I can relate to: never been one to love my body. I’m thinking of writing my own piece.

+ I wish I had noticed these before; in my opinion the most interesting way how to wish your readers a happy new year. 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 [in czech only]. happy new year, everyone. again. I’m probably going to wish you a happy new year until summer.

+ a summary of 2010 by annette pehrsson. it’d been a truly beautiful year.

+ last night I watched norwegian wood at the cinematheque. incredibly calm and disturbing at the same time, amazing soundtrack. I’m thinking, to me personally, it is the best film of 2010. sorry. but the actual song norwegian wood (the bird has flown) by the beatles has always been my favorite, and I don’t even like the boys from liverpool.

+ but even more amazing than the above song is the entire soundtrack of norwegian wood. a beautiful compilation of instrumental and classic, psychedelic rock. I love that one scene, with a couple of eating out of a rice bowl, in a traditionally clean and empty japanese apartment, with a grateful dead poster behind them. a faithful parallel to the book.

+ also, I’m currently reading a couple of books, including letters from truman capote. I am slightly obsessed with reading other people’s journals. I am convinced that’s where the author’s (or the artist’) true character and personality are preserved. this article is interesting, too. I like the opening.

what has inspired you, lately? I would like to know.

January 6, 2011