she’s home

a quiet night. the deep bay of rogoznica appears to have frozen in time. the bridge between two small islands; the marina; occasionally a house here and there with its light on and street lamps are the only sources of light of the last summer night. for me the most fascinating are the stars above me. it is something I miss too often in hong kong. it has almost been a month since I have left and to my surprise I don’t think about returning at all. many things have changed in the life of this village as well as mine yet coming back here always brings the same emotion: I am home; home like nowhere else in the world. I have grown up here; began my first friendship that in a way lasts until today; this is my childhood. the top terrace is mine I spent most of my time here. during the day it is a perfect place to gain a tan, during the evening it is ideal for dinner and at night it only makes me write, observe and remain quiet in a way that I can be nowhere else. I feel myself calming down; everything around me is slow and still. after a single day it feels as if I have been here for a month. because daily habits would not change.

I wake up early in the morning, just as the sun reaches the top of a close hill, I prepare my coffee with a tall glass with brown sugar and milk. it tastes differently here; it is almost sweet. I don’t eat in the morning; I read a book instead. but here my preference is a local gossip magazine. I am always away and I have no idea what is happening with the locals so I find this semi-literature highly amusing. then I go for a swim across the bay; back and forth it takes less than an hour. walking back up the hill to my house is a better exercise than going to the gym. I do this seven or eight times until the late afternoon. after only one day I can feel my body changing its shape. despite the ice cream, sweet cookies and domestic candies. I have missed all this food and I am not trying to limit myself. I drink milk straight from the bottle, forgetting about the mustache entirely until I feel it come off as I jump into the sea half an hour later. I chat with the locals who still recognize me but sometimes I am just pretending I know their names, too.

I am looking forward to going to the fish markets this week, spending some time at a local cafe with the others, walking through the marina choosing my yachts, riding my bike through hidden streets to see the sunset at open sea and generally spending as much time swimming as I can. it has been two years since last time and honestly it has been too long.

August 31, 2011