she’s only 18, don’t like the rolling stones

last night I enjoyed myself. like I haven’t for a long time. met with my best friend for coffee and endless laugh at our starbucks. it’s becoming a habit, except she’ll be leaving soon. well, so will I, so we are just trying to enjoy the fact that we are still in the same city while we can. we got pizza for dinner, did some shopping, got beers at 711 and sat on star avenue for the rest of the night. I ended up getting home at 2 in the morning, meeting other people on the way home, catching up with everyone. sharing life stories and the air surrounding us. we watched the jogging people run past us, terrible music coming from the bars, a debate about business over quality of music. money always wins.

hong kong island was getting darker and darker, lights turning off in buildings one by one. we put together another list of people we are going to miss. it is completely different from the one we wrote a year ago. we talked about everything and nothing. missed phone calls and unread texts, half a dozen of different invitations to places around city, but I said no, thanks to it all. we just sat there, under the trees, one of my favorite spots on kowloon side. tomorrow did not exist. and the music wasn’t all that bad actually. then I run into the guitarist, we had a drink, talked. rumors are starting to pop up but I ignore it. how did you get to know everyone? I started hanging out at bars when I was fourteen. that’s how. it made him laugh, we’re better friends than now than we were a week ago. it was good to know that there’s still a place that I belong to. metaphorically speaking. an old, run down, english bar is really not the place where I will find my true self. but maybe that’s what already happened.

I don’t know. I’m just going with the flow now.

November 23, 2010