six years ago we slept under the sky

dreams of africa. infinite time at work, restricted once the skies grow darker. unpleasant revelation this morning from someone I would have never expected it. or maybe I should have known all along that something like this was bound to happen. don’t I have enough experience already? but then again I am only speaking from the tongue of an inexperienced individual with tendencies to revive the supposedly faded teenage anger. when is this shit gonna end. in the last few hours I have downloaded almost five GB of reading material. which now keeps me occupied in times of immense boredom that sometimes creeps into my hours. afriki djigui theatri has also been a great source of entertainment. I keep re-reading that last message trying to decipher the boundaries between jealousy, cowardice and pure spite. and all of a sudden I am not finding those multiple personalities so cute anymore.

July 27, 2011