something for sunday


dreaming of my own apartment. searching for inspiration everywhere.
bedroom / details in black and white: salt & pepper / bathroom / tiny, perfect kitchen

megan’s post on turning twenty-seven. I hope this is how I am going to feel when I turn that age. christine’s post gone too soon. thank you for writing this. a morning smoothie I would like to try: avocado & banana. scented and flavored coffees: salted rosemary latte and organic pepermint mocha. classic film quotes as charts. google’s map of history of music. today, hollywood wouldn’t touch rain man. also: five days left until season 2. budweiser’s best buds is probably the best tv commercial of this season. what I wish I’d known when I started my own business is a lengthy read but useful. I’m still combing through it.

my newest favorite (food) blog is life & thyme. mainly because of the traveling reflections from kimisagara market. “africa is not a country” is an amazing campaign done by african students at the new york’s ithaca college. I am still not over philip seymour hoffman’s death. ambiguous sentences in chinese mandarin and why it is quite difficult to learn this language. an advice on writing. a new york times article for the love of money made me furious.

and three things from me; I wrote the hong kong literary city guide over at eat this poem and I’m back over at medium writing monthly posts of words coated with an abundance of sarcasm and inappropriate levels of profanity. I have also started curating a collection titled stories from and of hong kong. submissions are more than welcomed.

happy sunday from rainy hong kong to all of you.