spring manifesto

Image from Days of Camille. Merci beaucoup!

Learn to read poetry. Then read more poetry. Write in a form you’ve never written before. Something completely new. Reconnect with old friends. Unclutter. Then unclutter again. Go to an exhibition. Focus on your breathing. Drink spirulina every day. Carry a book with you everywhere you go. Buy a plant (finally). Write about the books you are reading; put together a list of things that inspired you. Write down your ambitions. Spend a weekend in Brussels. Book another trip back home. Work on a financial plan (you are at that age now). Bake a banana bread. Cook a vegetable soup. Eat some Indian for dinner. Give him space and then give him a chance. Listen to Affirmations. Write your own. Wait for a warmer weather. Do everything with an intention.