stories from and of hong kong


shanghai street, yau ma tei

after a rather pessimistic hiatus, I am back over the medium. I have also created a new collection titled stories from and of hong kong and am accepting submissions. to be honest, so far, I have rejected 80% of them due to unfitting content. please, do not write about the superiority of cantonese to mandarin. first of all, I don’t agree and second of all, it’s utter bullshit.

otherwise, feel free to submit your hong kong-based, inspired and informative piece of work. I am interested in perspectives, essays on city life and its evolvement. no trashing of mainland china will be published. simply because it’s single-minded and not exactly self-reflective.

and of course, there is another one from me: I wrote the second part to location: hong kong. shame on shelley street is a terrible title, but it could not be helped.

February 15, 2014