summer in hong kong



daily view; the last two days have been gorgeous / outside the entrance to my apartment building / shanghai street looks colorful when the weather is great / tsim sha tsui by dusk / temple street market as everything is being prepared for the evening ahead

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hello june.

this year I have high hopes for the summer. the previous ones have barely been good. I used to blame it on the city, on the disruption of my childhood, on this and on that. but recently life has improved. as if certain missing pieces finally fell into place. it is strange that I say that now, because we are going through a rough patch at the moment. the future has never been less uncertain. I am learning; I am learning to take things as they come and deal with everything with a clear mind. the boy has taught me a lot when it comes to this.

plans for this summer are simple – move a lot, eat healthy food, drink lots of water. smile and laugh. listen to great music, dance. work hard and finish projects. enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the company of people around me. be patient. be patient with the boy. he’s having a really tough time and this summer could be when everything will change. but we need to work for that. I want spend more afternoons walking around and exploring unknown areas of hong kong. I want take more images this summer. I want to spend more time at the beach; but most importantly I just want to feel and be healthy, fresh. everything else will come after that. this summer will be good.

what are your plans for the summer?

June 2, 2013