the best things in the world

coming home at 3 in the morning after having spent the whole night out with friends on the roof the most prominent building in hong kong.

last minute plans that end up being the most amazing memories.

that feeling of being fresh when you get out of the shower.

finding the perfect perfume for winter.

snowless, 25°C december days with lots of sun and careless afternoons in your favorite café.

meeting new people who change your life within five seconds.

having a weekend harry potter marathon, being excited for the first seventh film, which in hong kong comes out almost 4 weeks after the world premiere. fuck.

receiving messages from random people who admire your writing even though they don’t know you.

taking the ferry across the hong kong harbor on daily basis just to admire the changing weather and reflections of the christmas decorations on the surface of the water.

feeling rested after a 12 hour sleep. finally.

December 5, 2010