the blue hour

photography by brian ferry.

not a particularly good morning today. I was wrong to assume that things could be different or that maybe I could feel content for longer than thirty seconds. on the other hand it is safe to say that I am accustomed to these ups and downs to such extent I am wondering whether it will ever change. the misery of this morning is amplified the fact that I’ve only had about forty-minutes of sleep. just before the sunrise I gave up and decided to get up and kill time. by clipping my nails and rearranging books and dvds. filmmaker’s anxiety disorders are beginning to rub off on me. however, I am still able to enjoy some small occasional pleasures of this life.

+ life story; the ending of this poem simply left me astonished.

+ this particular polaroid set is pure happiness. I adore the tones and colors, it reminds me that summer is here although we observe it a little differently in hong kong.

+ helvetica film. next on my to watch list. perhaps I should make it a calm weekend this time and borrow it from the cinemateque if they have it.

+ the 50 states project. I haven’t had the time to go through all of it, but the idea of the project is interesting and original. it reminded me of my long forgotten list of things to do in life. one of them was to visit all of the fifty states in america. four down, forty six to go.

+ the photographic dictionary. I remember the original website but ever since it was deleted I’ve been hoping there could be something similar out there. and then I found out they’ve just moved. definitely worth browsing through.

+ ten minute couscous soup recipe that I plan on trying out this weekend. my new job is really starting to get to me.

+ donato paolo mancini. I remember this boy from the old days on deviantART circa 2005 or 2006. I am delighted his photography portfolio is back online. beautiful shots. one of the most talented photographers his age.

+ amazing portraits of emma watson. I discovered this a little late. incredible artwork.

June 24, 2011