the end is still being written


this year is missing the traditional new year’s eve photography. I completely forgot about it. but it doesn’t matter. I’ve had an amazing time last night. and all those days and weeks before. I have a feeling this year is going to be about meeting people, more than any other year. I don’t know. maybe I am just hopeful. everything that happened during the past twelve months has brought me something new, but I can’t say a lot of things have changed. it’s this year that will turn my life upside down. it’s time. I’ve enjoyed everything, no regrets. we couldn’t really see the firework, sometimes I heard a bit of it, but this lack was replaced by the amazing Mozart liqueur, which must have been the best drink to start the year with. a bilantaine coming up soon. or maybe not. and the only thing I really want to accomplish this year, is to feel comfortable in my own skin and stay like that for the rest of my life. it’s tiring not to be.