the good things

the symbol of hong kong: bauhunia. fallen flower, pavement, shoes, matching colors.

life has been good to me lately.

+ puppy pile three hour evening naps with the boy.
+ rio; one of the funniest animation films I have seen in a while.
+ when the sun comes out after an afternoon of torrential rain.
+ weekly cinema nights with the boy.
+ days without any physical pain are always good days.
+ being exhausted at the end of the day.
+ writing every day; I have finally bought a new journal after two years of scrap scribbling.
+ evening lychee ice cream is slowly becoming our tradition.
+ a sunday day off spent with the boy: walking around hong kong until our feet ached, sitting for hours in an outside roof garden drinking iced coffee and chocolate, late afternoon al fresco picnic on a piece of grass (avocado chicken panini has never tasted better).
+ laughing, always laughing; holding hands; wearing matching shoes and smiles (in other words, pathetically in love.)
+ incredible, incredible blue sky over hong kong.
+ summer is ending and the air is becoming easier to breathe.
+ the boy gave me my very first bunch of flowers. although I am not a flowers kind of person, it did make my heart smile a little.
+ the simplicity and satisfaction of making coffee in the morning for the family is sometimes enough to make me content.
+ walking to work early in the morning, fresh air and the smell of fruit from the fruit market.

and so on.

September 10, 2012