the importance of you and me

i’m listening to ray charles’ georgia on my mind. somehow it triggered me to write. most of today was spent watching house season one. but i also went out to do some grocery shopping, i stopped by in a starbucks for a coffee. anywhere i go there seems to be something that i would like to take a photo of. my interest in photography has grown into an obsession. i wish i had an analog. or a polaroid camera.

i see people and wonder. i wonder about their lives, their stereotypes. is there such a thing? or is the idea of a stereotypical life just an illusion, a reflection to human potential movement shit? would i be so obsessed over it, if it was just a meaningless expression? why am i so against it? there’s probably nothing wrong with leading a small, 8-8-8 kind of life. but i see that i know i don’t want it. i cannot even stand all the bullshit of this world and close mindness and lack of individuality is something that just drives me nuts. but you know, why bother? human life is so insignificant it scares the shit out of me.

alright for example; mong kok. it is the strangest feeling to walk the streets of mong kok because mong kok has the highest population density in the world. you walk, you feel being swallowed by people from every direction but still you have to keep walking because otherwise someone would step over your head and others would just walk over you. if earth opened up all of a sudden and swallowed your whole existence people around would barely notice. despite all this, i feel safer in mong kok at three in the morning than at four o’clock in the afternoon in the middle of václavské námÄ›stí. what is the measurement of safety and importance of human lives? is it people?

explain it to yourself.