The Little Things

Buy her a cup of coffee. Remember the coffee she drinks. One day it will come in handy knowing her order without thinking about it.

Give him a book written by Georges Perec without a single letter e. The geek inside him will adore you for this and his messages about the book will keep coming for days. Pretend to be mad when he ruins the book.

Let her wear your shorts to bed and your cologne the next morning. It will make her miss you throughout the day but she will keep it to herself because in a way you will be constantly present.

Kiss his shoulder while you are standing in a line, waiting. Smile a little but don’t say anything. He will look at you a little closer.

Let her have your Kindle even though she swears she will always stay true to books. Then ask her every week how many books she has already read. Watch her hesitate with her answer because she doesn’t want to admit Kindle is actually a great thing.

Give him your jumper that is a little too big for you but fits him just fine.

Invite her to a game of Scrabble when you are hungover. Instead of playing against each other, play together. Laugh. But not at her. English is her fourth language.

Suggest to him to play tennis with you. He knows about your passion and love for the sport and he will want to see it in person.

Ask him to come to the beach with you. Let him buy you dinner; in turn, you can buy him a cup of frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles. Let him feed you spoonfuls.

Tell her about your day. She wants to know.

Tell him stories from your childhood. The smallest details you can remember and things that are important to you. He wants to know. Leave out the negative about your family.

Watch the Lion King with her. That movie means more to her than you can ever imagine and sharing the experience with you will become important to her. Embrace her softly when she gets sad after Mufasa’s death. No matter how many times she’s watched it, she’s never ready for it.