the noble world of an outcast

the last couple of days have been so busy i have hardly had time to sleep not to mention write anything at all. but i am slowly returning to my old rhythm and lifestyle, therefore i should have more time to write. i’ve already written a little about the new year celebration but basically nothing of what came afterwards. to say that there had been some heavy partying during the last week, would be to underestimate every single night.


+ the night before new year was spent at maria’s till one o’clock in the morning
+ new year’s eve was finished at six in the morning at the same bar
+ first of january was the most amazing day at stanley beach, coffee, sun and seabreeze
+ second of january was also an amazing day because i’ve finally got to know the mystery 5 band, which turned out to be very mysterious because i’ve been chasing them around hong kong for a couple of weeks before realizing there were playing every night right next to our favorite bar/restaurant – finished at 4 am
+ third of january – we went back to bulldog’s because we couldn’t get enough chocolate – 2 am
+ fourth of january probably the only relax day spent with boston legal
+ fifth of january the last day before my friends left back to croatia, back at bulldog’s with the band – 6 am

a lot of new people showed up, most importantly i got to see some of my dearest friends all in one week, all in the first week of 2009. it means a lot to me because i actually believe that what you make your first day of a new year that’s what the whole year is going to be like. and so far, i am more than happy to say that this year has been amazing. already.

now, it’s time for me to slowly return back to studying, which is what i was doing before i was so rudely interrupted by all these parties and people. i’ve worked on my preliminary task from mathematical studies, i’ve sent the examples to my uncle for revision. the only thing remaining now is to start reading the two books i will need to have have read in the next semester. and speaking of reading, i am actually sticking to my resolution of a book a fortnight. right now i am reading human traces by sebastian faulks, one of the most amazing books about psychiatry i’ve read so far. it is a non-fiction fictional story about the beginnings of psychiatry as a branch of medicine, webbed with connections to people and their needs and most importantly, touching on differences between men and women as human beings. i sincerely recommend.

i will be back soon.