there’s no title because I can’t think of anything

no drama today. relatively no drama. too much coffee. but too little. I am drinking english breakfast. and I am pretending there’s no particular reason why I bought that particular tea. none at all. I’ve been catching up on my work and I am happy to say that I will be able to finish what I have planned to finish before I go back to classes. seriously. it’s a good feeling to start a little bit ahead. I’ve worked out my schedules, the daily ones, the weekly ones. I don’t want to think about the upcoming months yet. small steps first. looking into the future makes it arrive faster, it seems. but there’s a long way to go, too. midnight juggernauts. chinese/english dictionary doesn’t leave my side these days. tomorrow back to school. I am a senior. jesus. fucking. quintana. I am already lacking sleep and the semester hasn’t even started. this is going to be interesting.