things I want to remember

Chasing colors in London, because London is, oh, so colorful. A bottle of rosé (or two) with a friend from high school over stories from the past. Sunny mornings at the end of February. The feeling of Canary Wharf because that’s what I will always remember. A certain flare of grandiose something. From there, I left a different person. Tasting the first lick of freedom and endless possibilities because they are very much real. A coffee in Hamburg on a gloomy Sunday afternoon with a friend from back home. Vienna, beautiful Vienna on the evening of the Paris attacks. Returning to Prague every few weeks, either on a train or a plane, and letting the feeling settle in my chest once again. Because despite how much I want to deny it – Prague is also home. I grew up here. Silence between days. Being awake at two in the morning, after sharing two bottles of wine with my mother’s best friend from childhood, not able to stop the train of thoughts in my brain. The feeling of change in the air that always comes before spring. Hope. Adele on speakers for days. The feeling of rush, the throbbing heart, when you press send. Even if the reply doesn’t come at all, it doesn’t matter. What matters is being in this moment, and this moment only.

March 9, 2016