Things I’m grateful for


I’m grateful for the days when my skin is clear, itch-free and smooth. There are two such days in a month. If I’m lucky.

I’m grateful for simple things of quality; Rwandan coffee that I brought with me last month, a handmade ceramic mug I found at a flea market, paper-beaded necklaces, a good pair of classic leather shoes. Everything is one of a kind, but it’s all I need.

Sunrises. Glorious, winter sunsets. Feeling the sun on my back. Sun, in general.

Coconut oil. Weird thing to be grateful for, no? But it goes together with the first sentence.

Writers who write for themselves rather than for others.

Waking up next to him, every morning. I used to be so grumpy in the morning, but these days, these weeks and these months, the first thing I do when I wake up is smile.

Late afternoon siestas. With the boy.

Being able to express myself, even when I don’t know how.

January 18, 2015