this is what you get

a busy morning. I’m making a list of languages to become fluent in before I reach the age of twenty seven. french (and italian), arabic and swahili. researching the music of west africa and memorizing the list of arabic loanwords in english. you’d be surprised. we’re all pretty much speaking arabic already.

filmmaker and I went for a drink at the new globe last night, watched one flew over the cockoo’s nest at the culture club, ate jian baozi and cong you bing and ended up at makumba. how would you define a global citizen? I am not sure.

rationalizations. my own and other people’s, but mostly my own. I can’t sleep when it’s the full moon but sometimes it’s just an excuse to hang out around the peel street area a little longer. I’m reading through the basic lessons of ewe. yes, I am into niger-congo languages now. and other aspects of that geographical area.

back to the red district tonight.

June 15, 2011