this weekend

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reading. cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness by alexandra fuller. an incredible book of love, passion, war, family and the african soil. I have been reading and researching about many topics related to africa, but somehow, reading a memoir of an african childhood puts everything into a different perspective. back in the days, everything was different, but nobody was aware when the changes started happening. I recommend this book to everyone. I am definitely going to look for her previous books.

watching. the mentalist. I am not really into blonde+blue eyes combination, but simon baker does do something for me. this show is one of those that I put next to house, sherlock holmes and lie to me. it’s amusing, relaxing, but still disturbing on so many levels. the human nature and the human condition; strangest things in this world.

connecting. the australian has made a return, both physically and spiritually in a way. an unfortunate event about a month ago has brought back together. they were friends and I was there at some point, too. I saw little jon last night, for the first time since graduation. his sadness was heartbreaking. I didn’t know what to say. what to do. it does turn your world upside down, when someone you knew in a different life, commits suicide; leaving everybody shocked and disturbed. the world is not supposed to go on after something like that, but it does. it keeps going on, as if nothing happened.

tasting. lots of coffee, lots of fruit. daily smoothies and strawberry salads. I’ve cooked pasta three times last week. mama africa on a weekly basis. polenta and semolina seem to be the staple lately. chicken burritos and roasted chicken. I love eating with my hands, but I have been overeating and that makes me unhappy.

May 5, 2013