three eight five

new york I love you has put me in a strange mood. everything seems unclear at the moment.

8 degrees celsius. end of february. subtropical climate. is that what you call global warming? seriously.

six hours. that’s it. everything that happens tomorrow happens tomorrow.

I am missing new york city. I am feeling inconsolable lost in my thoughts.
hungry, not for a change, but for a step forward. even a tiniest one.

instead of being inspired I am being pushed into the background by own darkroom.

I actually really didn’t need this week of holiday. I was just getting used to my daily routine of chaos and lack of sleep and then it stopped suddenly.

can, please, something happen between us already? this is exhausting.

listening to paris, je t’aime soundtrack, revising marketing strategies and hoping for a painless next week. but don’t see it happening.

February 19, 2010