three hundred and sixty five days later


finally. but it’s going by too fast. way too fast. I am not sure like it, I am not sure I am used to it. but how can you get used to amazing moments? they will always just surprise me. the godfather soundtrack, a dinner out with the only three people in this world that I actually need. everyone is just irrelevant. mac and cheese for breakfast and any other occasion. coming home three hours late. but we sat there, not because we didn’t care, but because that moment was probably the most important one. there’s only fifty days left until the final exams. I bought house season 6. of course I am thinking about studying psychology again.

I thought I’d be more willing to come back here, but it’s not what it used to be anymore. I now prefer pen and paper with a glass of red wine, over the brightness of the screen. and there’s about a hundred less people reading this. it’s not like you can relate to me, anyway.

maybe it’s just time to go back to the roots and do this for myself only. because that’s what I’ve always wanted, right?