three two nine

the past three days I’ve been stuck at home with a runny nose, headache, endless cups of hot tea and lemon, cough drops and infinitive list of things to do. it could be said that I have been productive. or the other way of looking at it would be saying that I stay up until four in the morning every night, catching up on my essays and research, because during the day other things are on my mind. but then I have always worked best during the night when everything falls silent and dark. the only company I desire at this moment is love actually soundtrack (this particular song) and a cup of coffee as an exchange for the tea. also I have started writing my own series of lists in my moleskine, maybe I will be willing to put it up in the next few weeks. I am only waiting for some creative ideas to struck me. but they seem to be hiding for me.

the irony is, it’s me who needs to hide away for a while.